Coming Up On The Footprints Blog

It's just been a week since we officially announced our press. We are so amazed by the wonderful support we have received on our birthday.

We pride ourselves in serving one poet at a time as they birth their books. As a result, our book publications will be mindfully spaced out, though they might pick up in number as we gain support and experience.

We also cherish our literary community, though, and want to be a vibrant presence in it. So we decided the best way to do that would be to feature a poet at a time on our blog, supporting, appreciating, encouraging and learning with and from them, just as we will do with our book publishing, but on a slightly smaller scale.

We know that writers love to learn and want to know the members of their online literary communities as real people, as well as producers of work. We will strive to help our readers discover something new about the people making this art each time they visit the blog. We also realize how busy our readers are, so we will keep our features brief, concentrated, filled with practical advice and uplifting inspiration you can fit into a cup of coffee.

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