Happy Birthday to Animal Heart!

It is with joy that we announce the official launch of our press, Animal Heart. Starting a press with another person is not unlike deciding to raise a child together. It's a task that is especially daunting across state lines. And yet, we are inspired and ready to take on the twisty, turny journey that is making a new form of art and helping other artists to reach people. Poems are written to be read, and until they are read, they cannot fully come into their own. While there is an abundance of excellent presses out there, there appears to be an even greater number of poets who desire to see their poems held in the hands of others. It takes great courage to write a book of poetry, and it's a call that ought to be answered by kind and compassionate presses that are willing to help join readers with writers. While Animal Heart does not intend to be the only press in the mighty literary woods, we do hope that our impact will be global. We pledge to treat our fellow writers and presses with the greatest of respect and love, just as we would the animals we hold and love, and believe that there needs to be a million poets and presses to express the deep feelings and intentions of our lovely planet. Please visit our "About Us" page to learn more about the people behind Animal Heart and don't be shy. Reach out and tell us about you.