Catherine Garbinsky On Legacy And Connection

By Sybrand Schaafsma

While curating this feature with Catherine, we spoke often about grief and legacy, and the feeling of connection we so often get from our art. Catherine comes from a very creative family and here she shares art from some of the family members who’ve been influential in her life, and her thoughts on how creativity can anchor us.

By Lira Schaafsma

"I am not a visual artist, but multiple members of my immediate family were/are."

By Lucian Schaafsma

"Lucian is the uncle mentioned in my poem "Song of the Solstice." He was also a poet."

By Sybrand Schaafsma

"We can safely explore different parts of ourselves through our writing, even the dark and hidden parts — our shadow selves. There is room to be brave, to say things we may be scared to utter aloud."

By Jan Schaafsma

"Jan Schaafsma (my great grandfather) is the only relative here who I didn't know personally, but I knew him through his art and from stories." 

By Lira Schaafsma

"Grief has so many different faces. It can be mournful and sad and all consuming. The pain can be quite acute. Another part of grief, though, is remembrance — and gratitude. In this sense my work is invoking spirits of those I love, communing with them, and uncovering the ways in which they live on in me. There is joy in this — a profound sense of joy."