Our first Featured Artist for April - Julie Anderson

Wildlings, our first Featured Artist for April!

Formerly known as the "face" for countless luxury brands, during her reign as a 90's Supermodel, Julie Anderson has lived and worked on six continents. She has always been eager to learn more about the lives of all the individuals that she encounters. After all those years on the road, she considers herself extremely lucky to have found her "voice."

Julie Anderson

She is a writer, poet, editor and founder of FeminineCollective.com Anderson uses her writing platform as a form of therapy, to discover herself and make sense of the life, and her experiences. 
You can connect with Julie through her website, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Today we’re introducing Julie with a previously unpublished poem.

last time

The last time we met

customary courtesy was paid

the expense a pleasure

no questions asked

The last time we met

our bodies were static

filled with suspense

The last time we met

we tangoed to a singular beat

ravishing on electric vibes

The last time we met

our eyes locked

we were one

the song stopped

the drum beat carried on