Poetry and Art by Kiley Lee, Part II

Featured Artist Kiley Lee shares the second part of her series of poetry and art, including a stunning visual poem.

Prepared (11x14", charcoal on cold press)

I’ll Take It

I imagine, that in a digital world with augmented reality,
creation is inevitable. I long to feel the world within me.
Instead, I’ll squeeze the earth my knees are planted on,
feel the cold softness, and cry into another dawn.

I imagine that the ground seems shifty now. Too old
and sharp for perfection, but somehow also more solid,
like you understand your place in the universe, a cord
stretched tight and glowing with threatened softness.

I imagine, that discovery hurdles toward every moment
that keeps your attention. The way joy tingles in bones
and makes your stomach ache. I can almost feel it too.
A soft heart lifted by someone who looks just like you.

Just Before Happy Hour (11x14", mixed media collage on cold press)