Poetry and Photography by Featured Artist Kiley Lee

Featured Artist Kiley Lee works in many media and is a skilled photographer. Today she shares some of her stunning images alongside a selection of previously unpublished poetry.

Griffith Blue
The Significance of a Sunrise

I write to you from inside
this midnight blue smell
this midwinter snow

I saw my fetch and cried
I’m not even to midlife crisis!
— then remembered the time

I stirred in milk and honey
I looked for cardinals
I watched it snow

My Mother’s Dogwood

I Moved Away to Love You

When your eyes were big    and even your
wonder wondered    I’m glad I wasn’t there    The
streets you’ll walk won’t echo my name    They’ll
shine bright and new   Just for you     I hope I’ve
come back to a new dawn       and that you find some
part of me beautiful    Maybe you’ll twirl a pretty girl
spin    round and around     and maybe you’ll feel like
falling     but catch yourself before you hurt you or
someone else    Because, trust me     getting up again
is slower each time   What’s that poem about ragged
claws and silent seas?     I left and made mistakes and
came back    I hope you listen     And I hope you find
more music in an old guitar    or in thunder booming over
hills   Touch the rain     squint your eyes and laugh with
open tongue     Maybe sneak a peek at just how far
courage pushed you    You’ll love your curly q’s one
day    after you’ve had enough plain    Air dry    God,
where have I been?