A Magical Playlist from Kate Garrett

Wildlings, today we asked Kate Garrett to share some of her favourite tracks with us. Enjoy this playlist of music to make magic to!

A Changeling’s Playlist
Kate says: “This playlist includes songs that openly reference faeries, dragons, angels, unicorns, and so on; songs that feel magical, spiritual, or witchy to me in some way (yeah, I wasn’t about to leave the soundtrack to The Craft out of this – looking at Heather Nova covering Peter Gabriel, who happens to appear on this playlist with one of his most popular songs); and songs I actively listened to when I was writing To Feed My Woodland Bones (‘Phantasmagoria in Two’ and ‘Low Red Moon’ especially, and Fleetwood Mac always find a way to influence me, even if it’s just in tone). They are all songs I love, and songs that make good company for hovering between worlds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”


The Stolen Child ~ Simon Fowler/Merrymouth
Dark Turn of Mind ~ Gillian Welch
Undrentide ~ Mediaeval Baebes
I Have the Touch ~ Heather Nova
Phantasmagoria in Two ~ Tim Buckley
Low Red Moon ~ Belly
Solsbury Hill ~ Peter Gabriel
Hollow Earth ~ Cartesian Jetstream
Sleep in the Woods ~ Faerground Accidents
Pink Moon ~ Nick Drake
Rhiannon ~ Fleetwood Mac
Tam Lin ~ Fairport Convention
The Last Unicorn ~ America
Crayon Angels ~ Judee Sill
The Dragon’s Apprentice ~ Peatbog Faeries