Jeremy Mifsud Reads for Us

Wildlings! You're in for a treat!

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Today, Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud reads us a previously unpublished poem, which you can find below. Enjoy!

Earthly Wonders

You write       about us
             taking             long walks,
                       leaving                    footprints in sand,

lying down
                       on grass
             sipping wine                     & sunshine.

I write about
                        how I curl
                                     in your body,
             becoming so small
                         in your chest;

waves of silk sheets
             crash on our skin
                          as I surf               on your body,
                          in ecstasy.

The world is magical:
                           the scent of petrichor
                                      in colourful meadows,
              the sound of waterfalls
                           splashing under rainbows;

but nothing is as magical
              as you and me
                                      under our sheets.