New poetry from Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud

Today Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud shares a collection of poems, chosen exclusively for Animal Heart Press.
(Trigger warning: This work addresses sexual assault. Please exercise self care while reading.)

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The Necessity of Poetry

I must write because
a blank page is
white flag
waved over my body.

He used me
without consent,
but I refuse
to burn down.

I walk in battlezone,
feet on scorched earth,
sewing back
scraps of body parts.

His memory is now ink,
printed on paper;
unable to break free;

I’m winning the war.


i was enjoying
talking to you
until i heard
the word rape
                      my mind
                      out of
                      my body

i couldn’t feel
                my heartbeat
                my breath,
couldn’t even hear
                the sound
                coming out
                of your lips
numb to everything

i witnessed the darkness
taint my memories of you,
their light dispersing in a blink.

My Body is a Crime Scene
after Blythe Baird

When a guy puts
his hands on my waist,
I pull back
to keep my bones in place.

How do you tell somebody
to be delicate
without becoming an object
of pity?

I lock myself
in an isolation cell,
curl in a cold corner
& rock my body to sleep.