An Interactive Haikai Experience with Christine Taylor

Wildlings, today we're inviting you to write poetry with us, under Christine Taylor's expert guidance!
Christine excels in haikai forms and today she's going to take us through the haiga.

Haikai Interactive (Ekphrastic)

Haiga is a form of haikai that basically incorporates a visual image and an accompanying haiku.  Traditionally, these were simple brush and ink paintings, but contemporarily, artists use a variety of visual media to create images such as sculptures, collage, and photography.  See Daily Haiga, a site edited by Linda and Patrick Pilarski, for samples on the form.

Today's exercise: Write a haiku to accompany the above image, creating a haiga. Post your haiku to the Twitter thread that contains the image (you'll find it here). Christine will comment on all the haiga that appear in the thread until the thread is closed (after approximately 24 hours). 

What are you waiting for? Go, wildings, and write!