A Stunning Micro-Film Featuring The Poetry And Photography of Siham Karami

Wildlings, this is stunning!
For her final day as Featured Artist, we've worked with Siham Karami to create this micro-film, featuring her stunning photography as she reads to us her beautiful poem, Stopping by Butterflies, Remastered.
Enjoy this spectacular blend of words and images!

Stopping by Butterflies, Remastered

All that lives   in black and white—
   butterflies pulsing on a boulder 
startle the multi-faceted forest’s greening

Papery wings' stark 
   slow/flip  wraps rock to oblivion
black/white   black/white  on/off   on/off
tuxedo flashing code

blooming on a graph
   telegraph alive   a live crowdsourced 
complex eye/ tiny-all-in-one heartbeat

of text  / simple / indecipherable 
writ in shiny bodies / wing-scale
overlays leaf-light

typeset through fleeting years 
prints this very