Billie T. Stark Ain't No Man

Wildlings, our Featured Artist Billie T. Stark is on a journey of self-discovery. Here we are fortunate enough to enjoy one of Billie's poems on his identity.

'I Ain't No Man' collage created by Billie T. Stark

Billie Ain't No Man
I ain’t no man
I take a notion, have an idea
It pops from my little brain
A flower from my pot, from my little clay belly,
like a little sissy boi Buddha

I ain’t no man
              I wanna be with the Womyn
And I wanna write but not like a MAN

How does a man write?
He measures      marks      demarcates
Surveys his domain like a      boss      Lord      patriarch
Then pulls out his ugly ol’ blood sausage
Pisses from it yellow & stinky like
A sideshow freak
Pisses & puddles the clay
Dribbles his pus down a copper plate and makes a green snaky line
Leading nowhere except to ANOTHER goddamn prick...

Another MAN on the schoolhouse wall

Men have their stylos & pointers & pens & pencils...
They use them to mark, make deep cuts, leave their brand
I won’t write this way
Maybe I won’t ‘write’ at all

To write: “to form letters by carving, scratching, cutting...”
I won’t cut or scratch or penetrate

I don’t actually FORM letters
I just let them happen, take shape inside of me...

Then they make or find their own way out...
through a song,
A breath,
A kiss
My lips on
My boyfriend’s lips or cheeks or his big, pretty cock

The words coming out erase part of the blue sky
and leave a trail of white cloud
Gentle and soft like cotton candy
White cotton candy but just as sweet


I’ll dance nekkid, covered in mud, in clay...

No wildflowers in my hair
I didn’t want to pick them
I let them stay where they are and put on a show

Luv luv luv
I feel the luv come thru

That’s my ‘writing’...
Can I get rid of the “I”?

That’s MY ‘writing’...