Billie T. Stark - The T is for Triptych

Featured Artist Billie T. Stark is an avid collagist as well as a poet. Below is one of Billie's collages, with an unpublished triptych of poetry he created in response to the patterns in his creations.

Lipstick is my Life

Oh gawd gurl       I LUV lipstick
Used to kinda smear it but I learned to do it right
Red is my fave y’all… ‘whore red’ my mommy said
First I snuck in & used hers… or girls played dress up with me
Then I bought my own, ignored hard looks from clerks
Then I wore it outside!    Glorious day!
Sun shining on a little fag boy
Don’t hurt me    Don’t kill me
Don’t burn me like a fag witch

I Love my Jesus

I love my Jesus… the queer Jesus… not the straight Jesus
I love my Jesus… but not the one with white skin...
Not sure I believe in God or Goddess 
but oh gawd I luv my sweet sweet Jesus...
I swallowed him whole…
Jesus came for me … just for me… so late it was early
He filled me with his love…. his garden grew inside me
When I luv myself I’m filled with luv
Wanna channel luv like Jesus
Wanna be a sweet sissy

Tattoo Me

My skin is SO PURTY girl but I wanna mark it, show I’m queer
Never be able to hide if I try, If I’m stripped by a boy
One tattoo & I’ll be one & done
A pink triangle on my tight little ass?
Pretty pink flowers & green vines radiating from around 
My little... uh... organ?
Nothing down there anyway
Nothing but a little wild flower
Waiting for a boy to pick it with his rough hands


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