Everything Billie T. Stark Doesn't Need

Today, rather than ask Featured Artist Billie T. Stark what he needs, we thought we'd explore what Billie doesn't need - what Billie's world can do without, in Billie's own words.

Collage created by Billie T. Stark

"I don't need to be told how I should live, how I should dress or how I should act, when people's opinions are based not on genuine love or concern for me but on their own prejudices or their inherited ideas of what a "man" should be or what gender means. I don't need to feel endangered or threatened, physically or otherwise, by people in this society— mostly white and straight, especially the men — who want to bully and threaten and perhaps even kill people who aren't like them. I don't need people around me who want to disenfranchise or discriminate against womyn and people of color and immigrants."