Introducing...Billie T. Stark!

Wildings, this week's Featured Artist is a real treat. Without further ado, please welcome the intriguing Billie T. Stark!

'Portrait of Billie T. Stark, Internal' collage, created by Billie T. Stark

What can we say about Billie? Here's a glimpse, in Billie's own words...

Billie T. Stark is a queer writer and perfomer.

He has never before published any poetry.

He lives in the Deep South, though he steadfastly refuses to disclose his precise location.

He has also used several different variations of his name, including Billie Girl, Billie T. Girl, Billie Boi and Billie T. Blue.

Billie is, it seems, both an exhibitionist and someone who feels the need to wear disguises, to guard and protect himself.

Stark was born a male, sadly, but is reconciled to that assignment and hopes to achieve a full measure of humanity in spite of it.

And he insists on using male pronouns.

“That’s because it seems like more of a transgression to still be a boy, sort of, but just a REALLY sissy boy, a boy who doesn’t base his identity on the little thing hanging between his legs.”

He has been, among other things—
Performance artist
Street performer
nude model for painters
Sex worker
Secret shopper
Construction worker
House cleaner & “houseboi”
House painter
Cigarette boy
Writer of erotica