Saturday Night Billie

Today, wildlings, we asked Featured Artist Billie T. Stark to meditate on Saturday nights - what they're like for him, or what he wishes they were like. Here's what he came up with.

Collage created by Billie T. Stark
"Here'e one option — or one fantasy — for Saturday night. I'd like to dress up cute, knowing I'm gonna get stripped naked later. Then I'd visit my hot boyfriend and smoke a bowl and fall in bed, or just on the floor by his couch, anhave him fuck me. He'd be a little rough, but NOT mean. I like nice boys, NOT bad boys. But then again this IS just fantasy and will likely remain so. In my life, I've had brief sexual encounters fewer than 10 times with no more than 5 or 6 different guys. And I'm an old girl now... so that is all over. Another fantasy for me — one that is more realistic — is that I have a Saturday night, or afternoon shading into night, when I get to hang out with another nice queer guy and just go to a gallery and go eat pho or something and go home and smoke some weed — some things don't change from one fantasy to the other! — and just talk and be two loving, queer friends together."