Word Association With Featured Artist Kristin Garth

Wildlings, Featured Artist Kristin Garth has a magnificent poetic lexicon, so AHP Managing Editor Amanda McLeod thought she'd play a word association game with her and see what emerged!

Amanda            Kristin
sonnet             mnemonic
tiara                borrow 
forest               porous 
pink                sink 
collaboration       amelioration 
soul                fishbowl 
socks             detox 
ocean             potion 
sacred            vagrant 
attractive       interactive 
doll                 crawl 
friend             wend 
energy           synergy 
light               termite 
feminist         transcendalist
glass              morass 

Then Amanda revealed her bonus challenge, and asked Kristin to write a sonnet, using as many words as possible from the list above! Kristin rose to the challenge, and even gave us a 'sockie' she thought fitted with her playful sonnet beautifully. Enjoy, wildlings!

She Swims in Sonnets

iambic circles, mnemonic potions,
borrowed synergy, attractive socks.
Her porous soul sinks inside an ocean,
seeks fishbowl glass, escaped morass.
Vagrant feminist wends through coral, all
pink plastic, electric light, finding friends,
collaboration even with a doll.
Detoxed termite energy, she descends
to gravel. Wash remains of what would crawl
inside a forest, interactive ablation.
Transcendalist mermaids prefer small
aquariums, amelioration
tinier tiaras. How many fish
could fit in such minuscule eloquence?