Submissions to FERAL Issue Four are closing soon, but we need your help!


The submissions window for FERAL Issue Four: The Journey Issue are closing TOMORROW.

But...we want more art! Here's a message from our Art Editor, Amanda McLeod.

Photo by Ian Williams on Unsplash

"I'm really interested in running more art features. I love the idea of sequences, collections of work, pieces that are in conversation with each other. Visual poetry. Sculpture. Painting. Photography. Collage. All of it! This is an opportunity to create and showcase things that are bigger than one single piece, and really spark discussion about art, creativity, poetry, and where they come together (and diverge) to demonstrate the spectrum of human experience. If you're an artist who's interested in exploring the potential of a series of works, please send us your vision! If you know an artist who fits this idea, please encourage them to reach out. Not only will their work be showcased online, but every issue of FERAL is lovingly recreated in print. This is an amazing opportunity to have your work appear in a high quality, carefully curated magazine. I can't wait to see what you've got!"


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