Meet The Author - A Deep Dive with Paul Robert Mullen

Get To Know Paul Robert Mullen
Getting ready for the release of the new book disintegration, by the marvelous wordsmith Paul Robert Mullen, we decided to interview him and ask some of the questions readers are asking. We will also give you a glimpse as to what the public is saying about the words contained in this collection of poetry. Here we will delve into the inner workings of this talented mind and find out what makes this poet tick.

Throughout this post, you will have the opportunity to hear from the author himself in both words and voice. By following the links provided you can experience readings performed by Paul Robert Mullen and take a step into his personal world. You will also find a path to pre-release reviews and excerpts.

An Interview with Paul Robert Mullen
1)Did you set out to write a conceptual collection with a central theme?
Initially I just started to write, as most poets do, but very early on I realised that a central theme was emerging. Therefore, after maybe three …

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We are beyond excited to tell you about a project we're hard at work on with the incredibly talented CT Salazar! His chapbook of poems, Forty Stitches Sewing a Body Against a Ramshackle Night is a visually sumptuous creation which will be available from Animal Heart Press in September 2020.
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