Submissions to Issue Five of FERAL are now OPEN!

Wildings, submissions to Issue Five of FERAL are now open!For our last issue of 2020, we're giving you the floor. There's no theme - give us your best, your questions, your musings, your wildest dreams...anything that speaks to your heart.
We are even more obsessed now with the intersection of art and poetry (yeah, we didn't think that was possible either, but there you go). We've revised our submission guidelines to reflect that, so if you're a poetic artist or an artistic poet or somewhere along that spectrum, there are wider opportunities for you to submit larger works. Of course if you're not, we still love you and want to see your best, most squeeze-your-fingers-together-in-excitement works!Go read the submission guidelines and BLOW. OUR. MINDS. (Please.)

Submissions to FERAL Issue Four are closing soon, but we need your help!

Wildings!The submissions window for FERAL Issue Four: The Journey Issue are closing TOMORROW.But...we want more art! Here's a message from our Art Editor, Amanda McLeod."I'm really interested in running more art features. I love the idea of sequences, collections of work, pieces that are in conversation with each other. Visual poetry. Sculpture. Painting. Photography. Collage. All of it! This is an opportunity to create and showcase things that are bigger than one single piece, and really spark discussion about art, creativity, poetry, and where they come together (and diverge) to demonstrate the spectrum of human experience. If you're an artist who's interested in exploring the potential of a series of works, please send us your vision! If you know an artist who fits this idea, please encourage them to reach out. Not only will their work be showcased online, but every issue of FERAL is lovingly recreated in print. This is an amazing opportunity to have your work…

Pre-Orders for C.T. Salazar's chapbook are NOW OPEN!

Wildings, pre-orders for C.T. Salazar's chapbook Forty Stitches Sewing a Body Against a Ramshackle Night have just been opened! There is a very limited number of signed and annotated copies of the book available - if you'd like one, you better be quick!
Click here to order your copy today!

Issue Three of FERAL is now live!

Wildlings!  The latest issue of our literary journal, FERAL, is now live and available for your reading enjoyment!

With work from thirty poets and twenty artists, this issue explores the concept of BODY like nothing else.  We're working hard on finalising the print version of this issue - watch our social media channels for a notification when it becomes available!

Submissions to FERAL Issue Three are now OPEN!

Submissions to Issue Three of FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art are now OPEN! The theme for this issue is BODY. It's a pretty wide theme, so think creatively about all the things BODY means to you. Read our submissions guidelines here and send us your best, your thought-provoking, your considered. (Also, our designer, Amanda, is REALLY feeling art features at the moment. Just sayin'.) Go, wildlings, go! Submit!

Issue Two of FERAL is now live!

The latest issue of FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art is now live, and it's a stunner! You can read all the content, including poetry and art from 30 poets and 14 artists, right here!


Meet The Author - A Deep Dive with Paul Robert Mullen

Get To Know Paul Robert Mullen
Getting ready for the release of the new book disintegration, by the marvelous wordsmith Paul Robert Mullen, we decided to interview him and ask some of the questions readers are asking. We will also give you a glimpse as to what the public is saying about the words contained in this collection of poetry. Here we will delve into the inner workings of this talented mind and find out what makes this poet tick.

Throughout this post, you will have the opportunity to hear from the author himself in both words and voice. By following the links provided you can experience readings performed by Paul Robert Mullen and take a step into his personal world. You will also find a path to pre-release reviews and excerpts.

An Interview with Paul Robert Mullen
1)Did you set out to write a conceptual collection with a central theme?
Initially I just started to write, as most poets do, but very early on I realised that a central theme was emerging. Therefore, after maybe three …