Wildlings...A New Author Announcement!


It gives us at Animal Heart Press the utmost delight to announce our next publication!
Please join us in welcoming Catherine Garbinsky to our author family!

We will be publishing Catherine's exquisite poetry chapbook, Even Curses End, in October 2019!
You can connect with Catherine on Twitter  or via her website

Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud's 'Welcome To The Sombre Days' Playlist

On his final day as our Featured Artist, we asked Jeremy Mifsud to create a playlist to accompany his book, Welcome To The Sombre Days, which you can purchase here.

Jeremy says,  "I have come up with the following ten songs in this order because I feel they parallel the structure of Welcome to the Sombre Days well".

Enjoy, wildlings!

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Jeremy Mifsud Reads for Us

Wildlings! You're in for a treat!

Today, Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud reads us a previously unpublished poem, which you can find below. Enjoy!

Earthly Wonders
You write       about us              taking             long walks,                        leaving                    footprints in sand,
lying down                        on grass              sipping wine                     & sunshine.
I write about                         how I curl                                      in your body,              becoming so small                          in your chest;
waves of silk sheets              crash on our skin                           as I surf               on your body,              floating                           in ecstasy.
The world is magical:                            the scent of petrichor                                       in colourful meadows,               the sound of waterfalls                            splashing under rainbows;
but nothing is as magical               as yo…

Jeremy Mifsud on Unmasking Truth in Poetry

Today our Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud shares his thoughts with a guest post on writing real people into poetry, and the impact in can have both on us and those who are intimate parts of our lives.

Real Life People in Poems
Poetry is an intimate art through which we creatively channel our emotions. When I started writing, I was extremely self-conscious of the fact that my family and friends could read the poems I publish. In fear of hurting others, I masked identities in the ambiguous — most of the ‘she’ in my poems are referencing my mother. Strategically, it was useful to ensure a security; I could lie and say, “Oh, this is about someone else, don’t worry,” but it was counterproductive to my poetry.
I gave up on that (to some extent). There is always an allure to a general pronoun such as ‘you’. A poem about an ex will remain a poem about an ex, no matter which ex it refers to. It’s a tightrope we must walk on carefully; people that know us personally will know who we are talking about…

Jeremy Mifsud Curates Your Poetry Favourites!

On Monday, we invited you to join a conversation on Twitter with Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud. Today, Jeremy curates a list of your recommendations along with his thoughts on the titles you've suggested.

On Monday, I asked you readers on which poetry collection do you love and why? I wanted to achieve two things with this. Primarily, to understand better the relationship of the reader to poetry, but also to generate talk and appreciation towards poets’ works.

One of the readers, Mela Blust, picked Camonghne Felix’s “Build Yourself a Boat”, which was published last April. The reader was “floored at the way [Felix] uses language, petals of words turning into flowers of poem.” I thought this was a beautiful image to describe someone’s writing. Moreover, the reader related to the topics discussed in the poems, including self-harm, trauma and healing.

Another reader (and AHP assistant editor), Amanda McLeod talks about “Amid Thirsty Vines” by Alfa. In her words, the collection is very de…

Jeremy Mifsud on Poetry, Identity and Healing

Today our Assistant Editor Amanda McLeod talks with Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud about how poetry can help us find our authentic identities, and how we can use words to heal.
(Trigger warning: this post deals with abuse. Please exercise self care while reading.)

Amanda McLeod: For many of us, we wear masks in our daily lives and struggle to define our true identities. What role do you think poetry plays in helping us uncover and accept our authentic selves?
Jeremy Mifsud: Poetry is an intimate activity through which we are able to explore the self and our innermost desires. It is a place that begs to break free from conformity, and especially in the day and age where poets are encouraged to experiment with form, poetry has become a place where all rules can be broken. This is an ideal formula for us to let our authentic selves emerge onto paper.

AM: A lot of writers use their writing to process difficult experiences. How do you think making ourselves vulnerable through our work helps us…

New poetry from Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud

Today Featured Artist Jeremy Mifsud shares a collection of poems, chosen exclusively for Animal Heart Press.
(Trigger warning: This work addresses sexual assault. Please exercise self care while reading.)

The Necessity of Poetry
I must write because a blank page is white flag waved over my body.
He used me without consent, but I refuse to burn down.
I walk in battlezone, feet on scorched earth, sewing back scraps of body parts.
His memory is now ink, printed on paper; unable to break free;
I’m winning the war.

i was enjoying talking to you until i heard the word rape                       my mind                       oozed                       out of                       my body
i couldn’t feel                 my heartbeat                 my breath, couldn’t even hear                 the sound                 coming out                 of your lips numb to everything
i witnessed the darkness taint my memories of you, their light dispersing in a blink.

My Body is a Crime Scene after Blythe Baird
When a guy puts hi…